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Director: Ki Jin Kim

Producer: Haeseon Park

Executive Producer: Jinwoo Hwang

Writer: Miyeon Kim, Bora Lee

Cast: Jinho Hong, ByungJae Ryu, Sooyong Kim, Suzy Shin, Choonghyun Cho, Sungmin Choi, LalLal, Taehoon Seo, Joonho Cho, Minjung Kim

Genres: Entertainment

Demographics: All audiences, Male


STILL ALIVE is a unique hybrid genre format called a mystery reality game show. Ten contestants will stay in a mansion for a day. There’s only one simple rule to avoid eviction: “Never do what the rules say.”

Contestants who fail to follow this rule will die (eliminated). There are hidden rules of death, called death rules for contestants. The problem is that no one will tell them what the death rules are. They should figure the rules out themselves by collecting messages from the evicted(dead) contestants and winning clues by completing challenges. New death rules will be given every five rounds. Only the contestants who survive the death rules until the end will win the prize and remain STILL ALIVE.