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Director: Christelle Naga

Producer: Sixteen South Originals, Mikros Animation IP

Executive Producer: Colin Williams, Sandrine Nguyen, Boris Hertzog, Seline She, Qing Fan

Writer: Adam Long, Alex Collier, George Sawyer, Amy Serafin, Peter Saisselin, Nick Ostler, Mark Huckerby

Cast: Leemore Marrett Jr, Bob Golding, Adam Long, Rob Rackstraw, Zehra Jane Naqvi, Beth Chalmers, Claire Morgan

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children

52 x 11’

The COOP TROOP are an unlikely bunch of heroes on high-action missions to help any animal with a problem.They’re four farm animals (and an egg) who are thirsty for adventure and to escape their mundane life on the farm in their mobile chicken coop – until sunset anyway.

When their red telephone rings, SOMEBODY NEEDS HELP – and they’re off in an escalating comedy of ridiculous events. No matter how simple the problem, the Coop Troop will always come up with the most over-the-top and roundabout way to solve it. With the Coop Troop, satisfaction is always (eventually) guaranteed! A FAST, FUNNY, FARCICAL AND FEATHERY COMEDY SERIES FOR 5-9 YEAR OLDS.