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Director: Jason Garbett
Producer: Jaymie Hansen,Nick Hopkin
Executive Producer: Sid Cole,Jonathan Finkelstein
Genres: Children’s
Demographics: Children
People: Jason Garbett, Jaymie Hansen, Jonathan Finkelstein, Nick Hopkin, Sid Cole
Rank The Prank

13 x 22’

Rank The Prank is an explosive new Hollywood-style prank show where two pairs of prank-loving kids are teamed up with two of the biggest and best special effects artists in the world, to perform an incredible hidden-camera prank on the unknowing public. In a bid to out-prank each other, the duo which pulls off the highest ranking PUBLIC PRANK, as voted by our elite panel of RANKSTERS, will get the opportunity to stage the ultimate, mind-blowing MEGA PRANK on a ‘target’ of their choice.

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