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Director: .J. Johnson, Warren P. Sonoda

Producer: Alexis Grieve

Executive Producer: .J. Johnson, Blair Powers, Christin Simms, Matthew J.R. Bishop, Carla de Jong

Writer: J.J. Johnson, Christin Simms

Cast: Arista Arhin, Saara Chaudry, Amanda Cheung, Dorian Giordano, Edison Grant, Tomaso Sanelli


Sinking Ship Entertainment
20 x 13’

Lockdown follows six friends as they work together to solve a mystery in their neighborhood during the social distancing era. Shot entirely via webcam and smartphone from the actors’ homes and neighborhoods, the series is a suspenseful look at how young people stay in touch while having to stay away. The story unfolds almost in real-time as the friends work together – from a distance – to solve the mystery, while also exploring their own anxieties and frustrations about life during a pandemic.

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