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Director: J.J. Johnson
Producer: Matthew J.R. Bishop, Blair Powers, J.J. Johnson
Executive Producer: Blair Powers, J.J. Johnson, David Beal, Gretha Rose
Writer: J.J. Johnson
Cast: Jessica Dean, Jacob Dean, Hillary Lizano, Emily Lizano, Charles Zeifman, Gabriel Zeifman
People: , , , , , , , , , ,
Are We There Yet?

117 X 7’ or 39 X 30’

A global kids’ travel series hosted by eight dynamic sibling duos, ages 6-8. Each pair shares their globetrotting adventures through journaling, drawing, painting, and on-location chatter. From walking the Great Wall of China to learning a Ukrainian folk dance in Kiev, our young hosts take the audience with them. Each set of siblings brings a unique dynamic to their adventures but some things stay the same- amazing experiences and spectacular sights.

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