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Director: Teppo Airaksinen and Samuli Valkama

Producer: Yellow Film & TV Oy

Writer: Juha Karvanen

Cast: Lauri Tilkanen, Iida-Maria Heinonen, Anu Sinisalo, Pertti Sveholm

Genres: Drama

SEASON 1: 8 x 60, SEASON 2: 8 x 60

Fighting for justice – and family
Set in and around courtrooms and two very different law offices in Helsinki, Finland, The Laws Of Man is a drama series that weaves fascinating cases, comical human stories and contemporary societal issues around compelling stories about family and marriage.

Season one
Lawyer Matti Pohjola is married to Eeva Benson, part of the formidable family that runs Benson & Benson, a large, established law firm. Matti also works there and has quickly risen through the ranks: he is now being considered for the post of managing partner. Everyone is counting on the couple to secure the future of the company, but Matti has been under a lot of pressure for years and is now starting to wonder if this cut-throat world is really for him. He wants to take a break and re-evaluate his life.

A sudden tragedy in the Benson family proves to be the last straw. Something snaps and Matti makes the radical decision to leave for Arkivuo, a much smaller law firm. He takes one small criminal case with him, which over time reveals some startling truths about the Benson family. Soon, the stakes are not just a court case with Matti and Eeva as opposing counsel, but the reputation and future of the Benson family law firm. And Matti and Eeva’s life together.   

Season two
Benson & Benson is about to go under. Eeva has left Helsinki, leaving her mother, Sofia, fighting to keep the business afloat. Meanwhile, Matti is putting all his energy into his work at Arkivuo, despite a question mark hanging over the future of his marriage. When Matti’s sister Tuuli is arrested for a crime he turns to Eeva for help, and she manages to get her off.

Eeva returns to the city, realising that it’s not so easy to leave either Matti or the family business behind. And she acknowledges that to save Benson & Benson, she must now challenge her mother as head of the company. Tuuli comes to Helsinki too, bringing with her Luukas, a man from Matti’s past who clearly has something on him. It turns out Matti has been hiding something from everyone for several years and, if revealed, it would ruin his entire life. Can he contain Luukas? How far would he be willing to go to protect his big secret?