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Director: Anouk Curry, James Gurden, Rachael Smith, Georgina Kiedrowski, Christian Welsh, Eric McFarland, Matthew Dolan, Iwan Watson, Philippa Bradley-Yapp, Jamie McLeish

Producer: Maverick TV

Executive Producer: Romily Menzies

Writer: David Schneider, Will Ing, Romily Menzies, Eric McFarland, Sam Lockett, Christian Welsh, Jamie McLeish, Rea Menzies, Miranda Sherriff, Gerard Williams, Nikki Ryan, Emma Sayce

Cast: Dr Chris van Tulleken, Dr Xand van Tulleken

Genres: Children’s, Factual, Kids

People: Anouk Curry, Christian Welsh, David Schneider, Dr. Chris van Tulleken, Dr. Xand van Tulleken, Emma Sayce, Eric McFarland, Georgina Kiedrowski, Gerard Williams, Iwan Watson, James Gurden, Jamie McLeish, Matthew Dolan, Maverick TV, Miranda Sherriff, Nikki Ryan, Philippa Bradley-Yapp, Rachael Smith, Rea Menzies, Romily Menzies, Sam Lockett, Will Ing

Operation Ouch!

Serious Lunch
100 x 26'

Operation Ouch is packed with incredible facts about the human body and fronted by identical twins Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken who experiment and explore their way through the fascinating world of medicine and biology.

This series will de-mystify hospitals for younger viewers; no longer will the hospital be a "scary" place to go as we learn all the exciting things that go on there. Dr Chris and Xand will let the viewer into their exclusive world of medicine and explain the awesome things our bodies can do!
Operation Ouch is packed with action! As well as filming all over the UK meeting real patients in real-life hospital situations, the doctors will be "on-call" where they join the coolest of emergency services! All this is a quest to discover how our body works and does what it does in extreme situations.

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