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Director: Iain Mclean, Martin Hawkins

Producer: Pipkins Productions

Executive Producer: Nigel Plaskitt

Writer: Susan Pleat, Gail Renard, Robert Taylor

Cast: Nigel Plaskitt, Susan Beattie, Heather Tobias, Nix Wood, Ailsa Dalling, Andrew Linnie

Genres: Children’s, Kids

Demographics: Preschool

People: Ailsa Dalling, Andrew Linnie, Gail Renard, Heather Tobias, Iain Mclean, Martin Hawkins, Nigel Plaskitt, Nix Wood, Pipkins Productions, Robert Taylor, Susan Beattie, Susan Pleat

Monty & Co

Serious Lunch
34 x 11'

Monty & Co is musical puppet sitcom series for pre-school children. Each episode is a mini-drama with strong characters and plot. While the story telling is mainly comic (and no stranger to slapstick) it can also deal with issues of sadness, anger and fear and resolve them within the story. The shows are packed with fun, joy, and silliness; all things that small children - and their families - will love. The series provides a happy, safe and loving environment.

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