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Director: Simon Gibney

Producer: Hat Trick Productions

Executive Producer: Ben Miller, Jimmy Mulville

Writer: Marc Haynes, Will Maclean, Julia Kent, Mark Oswin, David Armand, Ali Crockatt, David Scott

Cast: Chris Martin, Letty Butler, Tom Bell, Jason Forbes, Ben Miller, Alexander Armstrong

Genres: Children’s, Kids

Demographics: Children

Horrible Science

Serious Lunch
10 x 26'

Horrible Science is about a lovable family of characters (Mark the host, Lucy the show’s producer, Bob the Robot and Professor McTaggart – the brain in a jar) trying in each episode to put on a spectacular science show. Unfortunately for them this often results in on-screen chaos, blazing backstage rows and gooey slapstick. Central to each episode will be a ‘celebrity guest’ (more likely a celebrated scientist from history – Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie etc) as well as a big scientific theme for each episode, that will form the spine of our show. And, of course, in true entertainment style we will always end on a big song and dance number.

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