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Director: Geoff Coward

Producer: Alan Robinson,Richard Hunt

Executive Producer: Hugh Lawton,Jo Killingley

Writer: Nick Hutchings

Cast: Ricky Martin,Michelle Ackerley,Terry Martin,Sarah Matthews,Gavin Strange,Rich Thorne,Ella Trudgeon,Mark Godwin,Jamie Hamilton,Callum Kateley,Matt Castleton,Benji Swanson,Andre Seidel,Kevin Meredith,Adrian Fisher,Michael Bosanko,Owain Emanuel

Genres: Children’s, Entertainment

Demographics: Children

People: Adrian Fisher, Alan Robinson, Andre Seidel, Benji Swanson, Callum Kateley, Ella Trudgeon, Gavin Strange, Geoff Coward, Hugh Lawton, Jamie Hamilton, Jo Killingley, Kevin Meredith, Mark Godwin, Matt Castleton, Michael Bosanko, Michelle Ackerley, Nick Hutchings, Owain Emanuel, Rich Thorne, Richard Hunt, Ricky Martin, Sarah Matthews, Terry Martin

Shows: Art Ninja

Companies: Serious Lunch, Serious Lunch Ltd

Art Ninja

Serious Lunch
40 x 26’ + 15 x 20’

Art Ninja is a BAFTA nominated entertainment show from Dot To Dot Productions (School of Roars, Big Cook Little Cook, Get Squiggling) for CBBC. Art Ninja is a modernised show using art
techniques like stencils (Banksy) or Pointillism (Seurat), as well as video art/animation.
The series has been acquired by ABC Australia, Discovery Asia, Australia & MEA, Estonian TV, National Geographic MEA, TVB Pearl Hong Kong, Noga and Canal Once Mexico.

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