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Director: Academy Award® winner, Ron Howard

Producer: Jon Kuyper

Cast: Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen

Genres: Drama

Thirteen Lives, Imagine Entertainment and MGM’s live-action feature film about the gripping true story of the 2018 rescue of a boys’ soccer team from a cave in Thailand and directed by Academy Award® winner Ron Howard, filmed in warehouses and on location in Queensland on the Gold Coast earlier this year.

Centred on a group of divers from around the world, including Australia and the UK, who unite with the Thai community to achieve the seemingly impossible rescue mission, Howard’s film charts a harrowing journey of human spirit, courage and volunteerism against immeasurable odds.

The live-action feature film by Imagine Entertainment and MGM, and produced by Academy Award® winner Brian Grazer, P.J. van Sandwijk, Gabrielle Tana and Karen Lunder, chose the Gold Coast with support from the Queensland Government’s Production Attraction Strategy.

Producer Job Kuyper said in addition to attractive state government incentives, Queensland was able to deliver on various production needs.

“When we started looking at Queensland we realised there are so many advantages here,” said Mr Kuyper.

“It’s tropical, we can double Thailand exterior, we got the expertise, the first-class crews to be able to execute water work, the builders to be able to execute these very accurate and detail-oriented sets.

“And then on top of that we had the benefit of, during a pandemic, having a place that was relatively unexposed and unaffected.”

Screen Queensland CEO Kylie Munnich said Thirteen Lives would recount one of those rare moments in our shared history when the world held its collective breath and hoped for the safe emergence of the twelve boys and their coach.

“For a production of such profile and international interest, led by legendary director Ron Howard, to be filming in Queensland is testament to our burgeoning reputation as a location of first choice for blockbuster feature films and TV series,” Ms Munnich said.

Imagine Entertainment and MGM’s Thirteen Lives will be distributed in Australia by Universal Pictures International.

For more information about Screen Queensland’s Production Attraction Strategy visit