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Director: Season 1: Olivier Jean-Marie,Season 2: Andrès Fernandez,Season 3: Andrès Fernandez,Cédric Dietsch,Khalil Ben Naamane
Producer: Marc du Pontavice
Genres: Animation, Children’s, Comedy
Demographics: Children
People: Cédric Dietsch, Cédric Dietsch & Khalil Ben Naamane, Khalil Ben Naamane, Marc du Pontavice, Season 1: Olivier Jean-Marie, Season 2: Andrès Fernandez, Season 3: Andrès Fernandez
Zig & Sharko

156 x 7’ (2 seasons) + 78 x 7’ season 3 in production

On the high seas, the beach or an ocean liner, Zig, a hungry hyena has one thing in mind: dining on Marina, the carefree mermaid. With help from Bernie, a genius hermit-crab, he comes up with the zaniest plans to capture her…but that’s forgetting Sharko, the shark with rippling muscles who will do anything to protect his mermaid honey!

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