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Director: Lionel Bailliu

Producer: Elephant Story,Gaelle Cholet,Guillaume Renouil

Executive Producer: Elephant Story,AT-Production

Writer: Lionel Bailliu,Yann Le Gal

Cast: Julie Gayet,Bruno Debrandt,Thomas Jouannet

Genres: Drama

People: AT-Production, Bruno Debrandt, Elephant Story, Gaelle Cholet, Guillaume Renouil, Julie Gayet, Lionel Bailliu, Thomas Jouannet, Yann Le Gal

Torn (Soupcons)

52’ (6 episodes)

Victoire Delorme has just moved with her husband and their two children to a small village in south-eastern France where she works as a school teacher. At the end of the first day at pickup time, a seductive voice calls her name. The voice belongs to none other than Florent Malleval, her first love.
Victoire and Florent are both married, both have children, and yet ... the attraction is irresistible. They succumb to a passion that has never been extinguished. Just when they decide to leave their spouses, Florent's wife suddenly disappears…

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