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Director: Nicolas Guicheteau
Producer: Carma Films
Executive Producer: Christophe Carmona,Clementine Vaudaux
Writer: Elsa Marpeau
Cast: Julie Depardieu,Bernard Yerlès,Xavier Guelfi,Sara Martins,Andréa Ferréol
Genres: TV Movie
People: Andréa Ferréol, Bernard Yerlès, Carma Films, Christophe Carmona, Clementine Vaudaux, Elsa Marpeau, Julie Depardieu, Nicolas Guicheteau, Sara Martins, Xavier Guelfi
The Coroner


Alexandra Ehle is a coroner at the Bordeaux forensic institute. Fanciful and free-thinking, she devotes herself completely to what she considers her mission: restoring to the dead their dignity and human appearence, and giving them justice. So she conducts her own investigations, despite the warnings of police commander Antoine Doisneau. Instead of collaborating with him, she takes a cheeky pleasure in staying one step ahead.

During this latest inquiry, body parts have been found in different locations in the region. From the first observations, Alexandra is convinced that all the parts belong to one and the same victim. But the puzzle still needs to be solved to discover who she was and what led her to this tragic end.

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