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Director: Thierry Robert
Producer: Le Cinquième Rêve
Writer: Thierry Robert,Aurélie Saillard
Genres: Documentary
People: Aurélie Saillard, Le Cinquième Rêve, Thierry Robert
Packing for Mars


Polar explorer Alban has a dream: to go to Mars and plunge into its seas.

In order to understand how feasible his project is, he visits the COMEX laboratories in Southern France, and those of its partners in Spain and Germany.

There, under the lead of German scientist Peter Weiss different engineering teams have designed a light and flexible submersible space suit as an efficient training tool. Thanks to it, future astronauts will acquire specific motor skills to be used in space.

This exceptional suit named GANDOLFI 2.0 was firstly designed in the 80’s, but its utilization and improvement were aborted after key financing dropped. As a matter of fact, at the end of the Cold War, and during the later financial crisis, no country felt the need to keep the Space Race.

Following Alban and his dream, the viewer is taken to a scientific trip, from Brussels to Andalusia via Cologne and Marseille, where GANDOLFI 2.0 will be tested in deep seas for several months.

The aim of Weiss and his teams is to obtain the validation and standardization of the suit. At the same time, engineers, who are based in Andalusia, aim to complete a new self-deploying spatial module.

This blue-chip 52’ shot in 4K will reveal the new challenges of space conquest and mission to Mars.

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