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Director: Franz Kirchner,Arnaud Bouron,Jérémie Guneau

Producer: TeamTO,Digital Dimension / International Sales : Cake

Executive Producer: Corinne Kouper,Louis-Simon Ménard

Writer: Vincent De Mul

Genres: Animation, Children’s, Comedy

Demographics: Children

People: Arnaud Bouron, Corinne Kouper, Digital Dimension / International Sales : Cake, Franz Kirchner, Jérémie Guneau, Louis-Simon Ménard, TeamTO, Vincent De Mul

Mighty Mike


MIGHTY MIKE is an energetic pug dog with refined taste. When Mike hears the door close behind his owner, he knows it is his turn to enjoy the luxury of his lovely home! And boy, does this puppy like to turn on the charm - all to impress Iris - the shy dog who lives next door.
But just as Mike is about to get Iris’ attention - his plan is turned upside down by the wild bunch that live in the 'hood - the rascally Raccoons, the excitable Turtles and of course the adorable, Fluffy the Kitten. And despite her small size, Fluffy is always getting into big trouble!
Mike always saves the day but it's beginning to look like ruining Mike's plans may just be part of the fun for all the other animals! And then, just as Mike has put every vase back in place - the front door opens and his owners are back! And once again, Mike must return to being the family pet. But, we all know that Mike's an optimist and the next time his owners go out - will be the time that he will finally get Iris to notice him!

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