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Screen NSW

Company Overview

Screen NSW

NSW is the leading state for screen production in Australia, with over almost 60% of people employed in the screen production sector in Australia based here. The focus of our small but nimble and energetic team at Screen NSW ensures that NSW maintains its status as the number one state for screen production. In the current financial year Screen NSW is investing almost $100 million to support the screen industry in NSW.
This includes $35 million in new funding for the Made in NSW fund, support for the Post, Digital and Visual Effects sector through a 10% rebate and more than $12 million for other screen programs. Australia is in the middle of global production boom, thanks to competitive financial incentives, a favourable international currency exchange rate, support provided by the Government, and our relative success in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to support for international production, Screen NSW continues to support and prioritise local production and the development of local stories.
The growth of local and international streaming services and their increased content requirements has increased opportunities for local production companies to reach audiences around Australia and across the globe.


Address: Level 10, 52 Matin Place
Sydney, NSW
Phone: +61 2 8289 6504


Grainne Brunsdon

Head Screen NSW
Screen NSW
[email protected]