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Director: Shawn Seet, Lucy Gaffy, Sian Davies

Producer: Diane Haddon

Executive Producer: David Maher, David Taylor, Sarah Smith

Writer: Sarah Smith, Jonathan Gavin, Ainslie Clouston

Cast: Kate Jenkinson, Sigrid Thornton, Ben O’Toole, Alex Dimitriades, Catherine Văn-Davies, Alexandra Jensen, Kat Hoyas, Ben Mingay

8 x 45 mins

Midwife Grace (Kate Jenkinson) has finally found her groove at St Brigid’s Birthing Centre where her advocacy for natural birth, led by the mothers and facilitated by the midwives, is put into practice. She loves her job and her team of dedicated midwives and successfully navigates her days to minimize contact with her mother, Diane (Sigrid Thornton), an obstetrician at the nearby hospital, with whom Grace has always had a challenging relationship.

Despite her recent divorce from ex-husband and ambo, Jim (Ben Mingay), and pending sale of her family home, Grace stays focused on the women in her care. That is, until the shock arrival of Sophia (Alexandra Jensen), the daughter she gave up for adoption 17 years ago, pregnant and looking for answers. When Sophia unexpectedly gives birth in the centre, Grace’s life is upended overnight. She makes a snap and life-altering decision for everyone involved – inviting Sophia and baby Eadie into her home – And, ultimately, into her heart.

But Grace is quick to be reminded that it’s not only her heart in the game here, with the arrival of Sophia’s adoptive father, Kirk (Alex Dimitriades), who is less than impressed with Grace’s sudden and unannounced insertion into his daughter’s life. However, when Sophia reveals she’s planning to give baby Eadie up for adoption, Grace and Kirk find themselves working together in a desperate attempt to change Sophia’s mind – a journey which sees them on an emotional roller-coaster ride, complicated even more as romance blooms.

Fortunately for Grace, she’s got her team at the birthing centre to lean on, however, her midwifery colleagues are not without their own life challenges: Laney (Catherine Văn-Davies), the Midwifery Unit Manager, has found herself tangled in an affair with Paul (Luke Ford), the Executive Director of Operations, and is about to learn his wife is pregnant. Sasha (Kat Hoyos), who’s just righted herself after a messy on-again off-again relationship, is haunted by the appearance of her ex – an obstetrician at the hospital. And Max (Ben O’Toole), the new kid on the block, finds himself out of his depth professionally after swapping his army greens for midwifery scrubs, and personally as he sets out to find a new ‘relationship normal’ with his sperm donated, 7-year-old son.

But, as great midwives do, Grace and the team at St Brigid’s put their own personal trials aside to provide world-class care to the mothers, babies and families at their centre - expertly navigating the heartbreaking, heart-stopping, and heart-warming births that roll their way as they go about the rewarding and emotionally charged responsibility that is midwifery.

And, as Grace throws her heart into her work, helping hopeful mothers and fathers realise their lifelong family dreams, we can’t help but wonder – will Grace and Diane finally make space for old wounds to heal? Will Sophia change her mind about letting go of Eadie? And, after helping so many others, will Grace finally be able to realise her own family dreams?
Company name: Playmaker Media

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