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Theme Festival - Sci-Fi and Horror

About this Festival

Designed to help audiences carry on screaming and dreaming, we enter a the sci-fi and horror dimension to help buyers populate slots that appeal to audiences worldwide.

Programming Profile

Things that go bump in the night


This year has been something of a horror story itself, but it seems real-life events of 2020 have driven audience demand for fictional horror and sci-fi on-screen. Karolina Kaminska investigates.


In the year 2020, plagued as it is by a Covid-19 crisis that at times resembles a horror movie, it might seem odd that audiences are so keen to watch the various pandemic and apocalypse-themed films and TV shows that have been made over the years.


Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 thriller Contagion, for example, reached the top 10 on iTunes in earlier this year, almost a decade after its initial release. And at the virtual version of Mipcom in October, two of the biggest new launches were German haunted house drama Hausen from Sky Deutschland, distributed by NBCUniversal Global Distribution, and Syfy series Day of the Dead, from LA-based Dynamic Television.


So what has coronavirus meant for the horror and sci-fi genres and what sort of appetite is there now, as we reach the end of a tough and disastrous year?