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Director: Josh Martin
Producer: No Roles For Sam Pty Ltd
Cast: Nick Mahar, Pawal ‘Parv’ Jarecki, Tim ‘Gonzo’ Ryan
Genres: Factual
People: Josh Martin, Nick Mahar, No Roles For Sam Pty Ltd, Pawal ‘Parv’ Jarecki, Tim ‘Gonzo’ Ryan
Shane Delia’s Moorish Spice Journey

10 x 30

Ever wondered how chefs invent new dishes? Enter the mind of a master chef, as Shane Delia sets off on a brand new spice journey, seeking inspiration for new recipes in the ancient and exotic cuisines of Morocco and Spain.

The Moorish occupation of Spain lasted for close to 800 years, leaving behind an extraordinarily rich and complex cuisine, the likes of which had never before been seen in Europe. In his third series, produced by Essential Media and Entertainment, Shane Delia travels from Morocco to Spain retracing the route taken by these Muslim invaders. It was here that the ancient spice routes of Asia, collided with discoveries brought back from the New World, resulting in the birth of modern cuisine.

Multiple cuisines can trace their origins back to this region, making it the perfect place for Shane Delia to get his creative juices flowing. Starting in Fes – home to the world’s oldest university, Shane will travel to the edges of the Saharan desert, across the High Atlas Mountains, and through the bustling souks of multicultural Marrakech. Crossing the Straits of Gibraltar, Shane will arrive in Tarifa just as the Moors did in 710, finding a rich and fertile land just waiting to be conquered.

To the Moors, cuisine wasn’t just about nourishing the body and staving off hunger. It was a means of stimulating all the senses, an art form as valid as poetry, art or music that reflected their fine cultural sensibility. To Shane Delia, this region is ripe pickings in his own quest for culinary perfection.

This series is a chance to really delve into the mind of a chef. How do they create a dish? What influences their decisions? Where do they find inspiration? Shane’s journey is a genuine voyage of discovery. He will uncover the cultural and historical roots of Moorish cuisine, all the while seeking inspiration for new dishes for his restaurant menu. We will follow this thought process through and witness first hand a chef’s act of creating a new dish. Through trial and error, Shane will create new dishes for his restaurant menu, which he then tests on his actual clientele.

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