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Genres: Documentary, Factual
People: Manny Waks, Zephaniah Waks
Shows: Code of Silence
Companies: Mint Production, SBS International
Code of Silence

1 x 60’

This deeply moving documentary follows the parallel journeys of a fervently Orthodox Jewish father and his now-secular son, Manny who breaks the code of silence in Melbourne’s Orthodox community and goes public with his story of being sexually abused as a school student.
Now Manny is demanding his abuser be brought to justice, and the rabbis and Chabad leaders who, he claims, tried to cover it up are brought to account. His father Zephaniah joins forces with his son, but soon finds he has been virtually excommunicated for breaking an ancient Jewish law.
Will Manny get justice in court? Will the rabbis be held to account? And, what price will the father and son pay for blowing the whistle?

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