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Director: Sengil Back, Byunwook Nam

Producer: BNS Media

Executive Producer: Gwanghee Cho

Cast: Gidle, Mamamoo, Itzy, Lovelyz, Apink, April, Ohmygirl, Wanus, Roketpunch, Goldenchild

Genres: Entertainment

Demographics: All audiences

5 min x 150

SBS KPOP VRZON is a representative brand name for 3D VR contents starring Korean pop idol singers as well as famous Korean celebrities. More than 150 SBS KPOP VRZON, which are made with super-high resolution of 4K or higher, give customers the best sense of immersion and emotion. SBS KPOP VRZON will continue to show content that will satisfy the five senses of global customers with various concepts such as drama and entertainment as well as non-face-to-face performances.