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Director: Aleksey Shabarov

Producer: Marianna Dravnel

Executive Producer: RTD

Writer: Andrey Molodykh

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: 15+

Yakuza. Good For Nothing

Ruptly - Documentary Collection

The word ‘Yakuza’ likely summons to mind images of tattooed tough guys in sharp black suits, sporting grim-faces and dark glasses; the merciless gangsters and professional killers we see in films. But, the reality of the men behind the title is somewhat different.

Case in point: Mr. Makoto, a tubby, tattooed Yakuza mobster and ‘old-fashioned guy’, who joined the outfit because he was too lazy to work a real job. He speaks candidly about his life among the crime syndicate, which was once a powerful organisation that could operate so openly as to have its own office with a sign on the door. But as of 1992, legislation against organised crime has made their very existence precarious.

Mr. Makoto and his peers are now risk being arrested by the police at the drop of a hat, and as society progresses they are no longer able to even get a credit card or rent an apartment. To make matters worse, Chinese gangs have moved in on the Yakuza’s territory, meaning the risk of a turf war, and the violence that comes with it, is never far away.

Yakuza: Good For Nothing offers a rare glimpse of the men behind the mob, as they talk openly and honestly about the ins and outs of the organisation and its personal toll that has weighed heavy on them all. From struggles with the law to marital issues and concerns for their children’s future, no member is immune to the burdens that come with the Yakuza life in today’s society.

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