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Director: Philipp Rolikhin

Producer: Nadezhda Dubinina

Writer: Maria Katsal

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

The Future is Now

Ruptly - Documentary Collection
10 x 26’

‘The Future is Now’ is an astonishing series showcasing the latest scientific and technological developments that are changing the world we live in. Ground-breaking advances in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, genetic engineering, urban planning and other future-oriented endeavours are shaping a future world that will look very different within the next 50 years. From using 3D printers to create tailor-made human organs, curing diseases with the help of nano-bots and editing DNA, to building underwater cities, modelling reality to our liking with immersive VR technologies and creating androids devoid of human flaws – today’s greatest minds are working tirelessly to extend the realm of the possible.

While these feats of innovation may sound like the plot points of a utopian sci-fi novel, ‘The Future is Now’ takes a deep dive into each, revealing that labs and visionaries around the world are already developing and perfecting the technology that will make them a reality far sooner than we might have thought. It seems ‘the future’ isn’t so far away at all…

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