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Director: Natalya Kadyrova

Producer: Konstantin Belyaev

Executive Producer: RTD

Writer: Natalya Kadyrova

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

Sea Life Savers

Ruptly - Documentary Collection

Europe’s super-trawlers have fished their own waters near-empty. Now, they have appeared off the west coast of Africa, and one nation is ready to fight for its fish stocks. The government of Gabon has teamed up with a militant conservation group, known as Sea Shepherd, whose members are notorious for employing extreme tactics to thwart marine poaching.

One of the group’s nine ships, the Bob Barker, is now patrolling the country’s coast with Gabonese soldiers on board; pursuing, boarding, and inspecting ships they suspect of illegal fishing.

Up to 26 million tonnes of fish are caught illegally off West Africa every year, costing the affected economies billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of jobs. With some East African countries now fished clean prompting a rise in piracy, it is feared the same fate awaits their western counterparts.

Add to this the environmental devastation – every year, millions of tonnes of sharks, sea turtles, and unwanted fish are inadvertently hauled into trawlers nets and crushed to death along with the target catch, then simply dumped overboard as trash – and the crew are determined to make it stop.

Sea Life Savers invites us aboard their mission.

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