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Director: Paula Mónaco Felipe

Producer: Paula Mónaco Felipe, redfish media

Executive Producer: redfish media

Writer: redfish media, Paula Mónaco Felipe

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

Mexico's Disappeared: Missing But Unforgotten

Ruptly - Documentary Collection

As of September 2020, 77,150 people were classed as missing in Mexico.

97% of these registered disappearances took place after the government’s so-called 'war on drugs' started in 2006. And, in a country where violence and impunity often go hand in hand, and where the lines between government authority and organised crime can often be blurred, the chances of locating them are crushingly slim.

Blame for these disappearances shifts between a wide line-up of culprits: organised crime gangs, the police, the military or even some combination of all three.

In this captivating documentary, we meet the family members who have lost their loved ones, watching them fight against the government’s inaction and organise tireless searches, still resolute in their hope of finding traces, or remains, of those who disappeared.

Among them are Tranquilina Hernández, the mother of an 18-year-old who went missing six years ago, and Mario Vergara, who dedicates the vast majority of his time and energy to searching for his lost brother and offering support to the people who have given up hope in the government.

We also meet the Marabunta Brigade, a group of activists and peacemakers who accompany and support relatives as they search for clandestine graves in the country, following them as they undertake dangerous but noble work.

‘Mexico’s Disappeared’ explores how the brigade and its supporters are fighting against the corruption and negligence of the Mexican government – and for the right to free demonstration and basic human rights.

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