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Director: Pablo Navarrete

Producer: redfish GmbH

Executive Producer: redfish GmbH

Writer: Pablo Navarrete

Genres: Documentary

25:00 min.

Britain prides itself on its commitment to media freedom and the safety of its journalists around the world. But upon closer investigation, even the most liberal of media environments have their shortcomings.

When Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was famously arrested from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last year, the world was sent into a media frenzy. To this day he remains in London’s Belmarsh prison, a notorious high security facility, with the prospect of extradition to the US where the Trump administration could sentence him to 175 years behind bars.

In addition to widespread criticism of Assange’s treatment by the UK, rumours have surfaced from experts including allegations of mass surveillance and threats to British journalists investigating crimes that the British security services are said to have colluded with.

In this timely and unsettling exposé, Journalism on Trial explores an alternative perspective on the UK media freedoms, uncovering the gap between what we are led to believe, and what might be closer to the reality.