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Director: Zakee Kuduro

Producer: redfish GmbH

Executive Producer: redfish GmbH

Writer: redfish GmbH

Genres: Documentary

Favela Lockdown: Brazil's Gangs Fighting COVID-19

Ruptly - Documentary Collection

In favelas across Brazil, drug gangs are enforcing a lockdown to protect their communities from the coronavirus pandemic. The main outbreaks of the virus have been in Brazil’s affluent neighbourhoods, emanating from the wealthy jetsetters who have trailed it with them, leading gang bosses to instruct their foot-solders to do “whatever it takes” to stop outsiders from entering the favelas.

While Brazil’s divisive President Bolsonaro fails to take the crisis seriously, people living in favelas know they can’t be complacent. An outbreak could be catastrophic for these densely packed communities, where sanitation is poor and access to healthcare non-existent. So whether it means imposing curfews or using force, the gangs will stop at nothing to prevent the risk of contagion.

Favela Lockdown marks the first time that camera crews have been given access to these secretive communities, offering an exclusive glance behind the curtain at how life has changed for Brazil’s gangs and their people since the pandemic hit.

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