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Director: Peter Scott

Producer: Asya Mishnova

Executive Producer: Ruptly GmbH

Writer: Ruptly Close Up

Genres: Documentary

Dyatlov Group's Journal: The Last Page

Ruptly - Documentary Collection
23:48 min

On 23 January 1959, Igor Dyatlov and his group of hikers embarked upon an expedition through the northern Ural Mountains from which they would never return. The mysterious circumstances surrounding their deaths have become the stuff of legend not only in Russia, but around the world. Sixty years later, Ruptly has travelled to the site itself to find out if, after all this time, there is any chance the case can be closed.

This in-depth look into the tragedy retraces the final footsteps of the expedition and includes interviews with a leading forensic expert and a journalist who have been investigating the case for decades since attending the scene of the deaths, as well as local people living near the site.

For 60 years, there has been speculation about what exactly happened at Dyatlov Pass. Some have suggested a drug-fuelled fight set off the events, while others suspect locals murdered the group. Theories ranging from an alien attack to secret nuclear tests have also flourished.

In the award-winning Dyatlov Group’s Journal, Ruptly’s camera crew and a team of Russian prosecutors move to put the speculation to rest. They bring us with them on a week-long expedition to “Height 1079”, in one final attempt to establish just what happened on that fateful trip.

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