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Home > Screenings > RTBF Creative > The Yurt, Celebrity Green Challenge (La Yourte)

Producer: RTBF

Executive Producer: Why Why Productions

Genres: Format

90 minutes

Three celebrities set off for 5 days on a new kind of adventure to try and win up to €10 000 for a charity.

The twist? They are blissfully unaware that they will staying in the countryside, in a furnished yurt, a far cry from the creature comforts of home, and that there they will have to meet the challenges and deal with dilemmas to preserve the resources and energy made available to them.

Each day, the candidates must prove that they are capable of laying open to questioning their usual habits, by adopting environmentally sustainable practices. Beyond merely discovery a new way of life, this adventure will take them on a journey of self-discovery by making them get back in touch with some long-forgotten emotions.

They have plenty of resources, but will they manage to hold onto them?