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Producer: RTBF

Executive Producer: Comme des Gosses

Genres: Format

52 minutes

GuiHome, the comedian and presenter of our show, loves hosting themed soirées at his flat-share. His latest idea? Sketches and improv. His co-tenants (all of them comedians) are going to perform their sketch tonight in front of a live audience, but, before throwing themselves into it, they’ll draw lots to see which constraint they must add to their act!

The constraints include:
• Doing their sketch while sitting on an audience member’s lap
• Giving someone in the audience a haircut while doing their sketch
• Speaking in franglais
• Assembling some IKEA’s furniture
• Ranting and raging against the audience
• etc.

“My Friends Got Jokes” features original sketches with a twist, that take on a whole new life when you throw in a constraint. Welcome to the new dimension of stand-up: loud guffaws guaranteed!