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Director: Evgeniy Semenov

Producer: Alexander Kessel

Cast: Makar Zaporozhsky, Elena Valushkina, Yan Tsapnik, Ilya Lykov, Igor Savochkin, Asya Domskaya, Nina Andronaki, Nikolay Kuglyant, Konstantin Raskatov, Sevastyan Bugaev

Genres: Children’s, Comedy, Drama, Format, Kids

Up to the Sun

Roskino - Russian Content Worldwide

Andrey has always been certain that he would grow up to be a famous musician. Persistent and optimistic, he did everything achieve the success he desired - but a fateful turn of events pushed Zamyatin in a completely different direction. Not a big fan of children, Andrei finds himself at a pioneer camp filled with them. At first, he feels miserable, not used to their pranks and their ways. But salty seawater, scorching sun and cute pioneer camp leaders change his attitude and help get rid of pre-existing biases.

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