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Director: Renat Davletyarov

Producer: Vlad Ryashin, Renat Davletyarov

Executive Producer: Grigory Podzemelniy, Maksim Potashnikov, Nikita Suslov

Writer: Artem Vitkin, Renat Davletyarov, Yriy Korotkov

Cast: Agniya Kuznetsova, Anastasia Mikulchina, Anatoliy Beluy, Benjamin Shpiler, Viktor Proskurin, Daria Moroz, Katerina Vilkova, Evgeniya Malakhova, Ilya Alekseev, Kristina Asmus, Maksim Drozd, Petr Fyodorov, Sophia Lebedeva, Shtefan Velke

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 15+

The Dawns Here Are Quiet

Roskino - Russian Content Worldwide

It is late spring of 1942, World War 2 is in full swing. Far away from the front-line, at some God-forgotten junction, the Germans prepare an air landing operation in an attempt to get through to the Kirov railway and the White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal. These are not ordinary paratroopers, but seasoned and highly trained infiltrators, the elite of the Waffen-SS, superhumans. The only obstacle in their way is an anti-aircraft artillery unit of corporal Vaskov and five young women in training.

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