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Director: Viktor Bozhinov

Producer: Alexander Plotnikov, Viktor Dement

Writer: Victor Dement, Igor Vorskla, Andrey Marmontov

Cast: Denis Nurulin, Alexey Grishin

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 15+

Noble Detective

Roskino - Russian Content Worldwide

St. Petersburg, late 19th century. The story is centered around Nikolay, a young man from the noble Bezsonov family who follows his heart to become a crime detective. Bezsonov goes to work for the criminal police as a lowly clerk without hesitation. His colleagues are cold toward him. Only Shchukin, an experienced policeman, sees a future star detective in the young man. Together they try solving a series of mysterious, daring crimes committed in the city’s underbelly and in the socialites’ boudoirs.

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