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Director: Nikita Tamarov

Producer: Alexander Tsekalo, Ivan Samokhvalov, Maksim Polinskiy, Nikolay Buligin

Cast: Alena Mikhailova, Pyotr Skvortsov

Genres: Comedy, Drama

25 min* 8 ep

Nikita and Polina are a young couple who work in an SMM agency and are looking for a way to reignite their lost spark. Sex has become boring; the passion is gone and there are a whole lot of mutual grievances. The relationship is moving towards its logical end, especially since Polina is convinced that Nikita is cheating on her with famous blogger Vegan Diva, a socialite who humiliates everyone she comes across. When Polina accidentally kills the Vegan Diva, everything changes. Nikita helps his wife hide the evidence, together they get rid of the body, and after that they have sex for the first time since the accidental murder. Passion engulfs their relationship with renewed vigour. Their emotions climax when they break into the blogger's apartment to create an illusion for the blog’s readers that Vegan Diva is still alive. The couple discovers a refrigerator filled with dog corpses - the vegan blogger turned out to be a faker and a liar. For Nikita, this opens a Pandora's box: how many more bloggers around the world have absolute power and use it against people? Polina had hoped to return to a normal life, but she must kill again when Nikita almost dies at the hands of a sadistically inclined prankster who he had been trying to punish. Polina is certain that they’re done with crime, but in order to save her friend she then has to kill another blackmailing blogger, who had demanded money in return for removing compromising material which she had posted on her blog.
The late Vegan Diva’s lover turns out to be Roman, a corrupt investigator. When looking for the missing girl, he comes to Nikita and Polina to say that he wants to become a blogger himself. Unexpectedly, the blog Polina and Nikita are putting together for him becomes the very space where the investigator can satisfy his own vanity. And the investigation about the killers who hunt for bloggers becomes the topic of the blog. And when the Vegan Diva’s body is found inside a suitcase, an ordinary investigation turns into a very personal revenge for Roman. The only unanswered question is when will he realize that the killers were right under his nose from the very start. Or has he already guessed this and is now playing his own game with the couple?