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Director: Fyodor Stukov

Producer: Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitry Tabarchuk, Anton Fedotov, Maxim Rybakov, Sergey Arlanov, Vladimir Neklyudov, Alexey Blazhnov

Writer: Oleg Lipin, Alexandra Rutberg, Alexander Egorov, Dmitry Gurov, Alexandr Gryazin, Konstantin Safarov, Alind Kolker, Dmitry Belavin, Andrey Vorobiev

Cast: Pavel Derevyanko, Snejana Samohina, Artem Tkachenko, Svetlana Permyakova, Anna Nevskaya

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Demographics: 15+

S1 & S2 – 21x24’

Mikhail Kovalev is a talented and successful coach of a Super League men's volleyball team. He is a hellbender with a bad temper and aggressive behavior. After his another escapade he is confronted by the new president of the Volleyball Federation. As a result, he is fired from the big sports. Now to have a chance to return, he has to make the university women's team the winner of a tournament in his provincial hometown. Mikhail has to change himself and bring his team to victory.