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Director: Svyatoslav Podgaevsky

Producer: Alexander Tsekalo, Ivan Samokhvalov, Olga Filipuk

Executive Producer: Andrey Reznik

Writer: Alexander Talal, Alexey Ivanov

Cast: Peter Natarov, Daniil Vershinin, Angelina Strechina, Ilya Korobko, Irina Pegova, Sergey Shakurov, Timofey Tribuntsev, Nikolay Fomenko, Rose Khairullina, Nikita Kologrivy

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18+


Summer 1980. While the Olympics are being held in the USSR, strange and horrible things are happening in a run-of-the-mill pioneer camp. It turns out pioneer vampires don’t just exist in horror stories. Valera came to the camp to discover the reason behind his brother death. His brother had been a counsellor at that very camp the year before. And now Valera meets his brother's ghost in the camp. His brother’s ghost is the only one with whom Valera can share his discovery: the pioneers drink each other's blood. Valera would have never believed this unless he’d seen it for himself. And, of course, no one believes Valera. He has no choice but to resolve his own problems single-handedly. He hides from the vampires, pours holy water on them and scares them away in every possible way. Meanwhile, the counsellors are busy with entirely different concerns. Igor has fallen in love with Veronica and their burgeoning romance has already attracted his superiors’ disapproval. Igor wants to hide so they can be together, but headstrong Veronica doesn’t want to. She breaks up with Igor, believing him to be a coward. Then, when Igor visits Veronica to make up, she almost bites him. Igor is shocked by what he has witnessed. It seems that the strange boy from his group, Valera, was telling the truth - there are indeed vampires in the camp. Eventually the moment comes when Valera is ready to give himself up to the vampires, but Igor saves him. Now they must team up to find out how the vampires ended up in a Soviet summer camp, and how to fight them. Igor hopes to win Veronica back, and Valera hopes to protect a beautiful girl named Anastasia, who is constantly under attack from the bloodsucking monsters. As a result of their investigation, the heroes start to suspect that the bloodsuckers are led by a head vampire - the “stratilate” - who can be starved to death if locked up for the entire night during full moon. The next full moon is coming, so there’s not a moment to lose. Igor finds out that it is Veronica’s blood which the stratilate will be "drinking" during full moon. The stakes are now higher than ever. Valera was supposed to trap the stratilate in a deserted food factory, but Anastasia compromises this carefully laid plan when she follows Valera. The children then find themselves at the mercy of the monster, and the only way of stopping him is by sacrificing one of their number. To save Anastasia from inevitable death, Valera follows an ancient custom - he asks the stratilate to let Valera drink his blood. The monster is unable to resist the request, so now Valera himself becomes a stratilate, thus defeating his predecessor. Anastasia is saved, but what will happen to Valera? Will he be a monster forever?