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Director: Konstantin Bogomolov, Daria Zhuk

Producer: Eduard Iloyan, Vitaliy Shlyappo, Aleksey Trotsyuk, Denis Zhalinskiy, Irina Sosnovaya

Executive Producer: Nana Iloyan, Elena Stepanisheva, Yevgeniy Semin

Writer: Konstantin Bogomolov, Nana Grinstein, Anna Rubtsova

Cast: Darya Moroz, Sofya Ernst, Sergey Burunov, Marina Zudina, Olga Sutulova, Marusya Fomina, Aleksandr Zbruev

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18+

Gold Diggers

Roskino - Russian Content Worldwide

Gold Diggers (or ‘Russian Affairs’) dives deep into the relationships between power, money, and sex, the unbreakable threads tying Russian society’s elite together. A female cop penetrates this world whilst investigating a crime and is completely seduced by its sheer wealth and luxury. Her integrity may be compromised but her ambition certainly is not, she’s had a taste and now she wants it all. This is a glittering, addictive thriller with Matryoshka Doll story lines – where there are many threads to the story, and each story hides or leads into another. Format rights and French dubbing available.

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