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Director: Denis Karro

Producer: Vitaliy Bordachev, Vlad Ryashin, Daria Legoni-Fialco, Ekaterina Andrienko

Executive Producer: Aleksandr Gusev

Writer: Aleksey Kolmogorov

Cast: Aleksandra Nikiforova, Algis Arlauskas, Anastasia Nemets, Andrey Lukyanov, Andrey Ryklin, , Boris Khvoshnyanskiy, Vladimir Pivovarov, Galina Zvyagintseva, Dmitriy Frid, Elena Polyakova, Irina Sidorova, Nikolay Denisov, Sergei Druzyak, Sergey Savluk

Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi

Demographics: 15+

Detective Anna

Roskino - Russian Content Worldwide

Nineteen-year-old Anna unexpectedly discovers that she possesses supernatural powers. The spirits of the dead literally haunt her, begging for help. Aided by her visions, Anna manages to investigate and solve a number of mysterious crimes which have baffled the police. An experienced detective, 37-year-old Yakov Shtolman teams up with Anna and becomes her partner in hunting down criminals. Yakov is a materialist, and in the beginning his relationship with Anna is quite confrontational. However, with time their rivalry transforms into friendship, and later, into love. Anna plays the lead in each investigation, but Yakov, thanks to his experience and intelligence, helps with closing the cases and sending the offender to prison...

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