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Director: Sergey Komarov

Producer: Andrey Anokhin, Vlad Ryashin

Executive Producer: Denis Konstantinov

Writer: Alan Khurumov, Maria Vaksman

Cast: Aleksandr Gorbatov, Anastasia Mikulchina, Katerina Vilkova, Kirill Safonov, Sergey Puskepalis

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 18+

Cold Shores

Roskino - Russian Content Worldwide

5 years ago, Alina, a young detective, was assigned a new case. A rich heiress, Maria Vorontsova, went missing after a fight with her husband. Yesterday's intern, Alina was eager to solve the case and please her father, the head of police. Soon, it turned out that the serial killer was operating in town, strangling and disfiguring young women. And Maria Vorontsova fit the victim profile perfectly. The search for Maria opened a new page in Alina's life, as she became close to Maria's husband, Mark.

Now, Alina and Mark are a happy family. But one day, Mark goes on a business trip and meets a woman who looks exactly like his missing ex-wife, Maria. Mark is unable to control the overwhelming feelings and leaves Alina for this woman.

Meanwhile, the murders of young women start happening again – a mysterious serial killer who has never been found, goes on a new spree. Alina, abandoned by her husband, returns to the police work and the search for the murderer, leading her to a shocking discovery...

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