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Director: Sergey Kurchenko

Producer: Rail Khismatullin

Executive Producer: Rinat Khismatullin

Writer: Rail Khismatullin, Rinat Khismatullin

Cast: Georgi Sharov, Elena Philippova

Genres: Animation, Children’s, Kids

Demographics: Children


Roskino - Russian Content Worldwide

This is the story of Renata and her friend Buzzie the Bee who have set off on an important mission to find a magic crystal which is to bring happiness and understanding to all the people on Earth. As the story unfolds, the protagonists are travelling the world getting to know the cultural traditions and fairy tales of different countries. To add action to the story, Renata, Buzzie and their friend the Globe are confronted by the three "bad guys" who are trying to prevent them from fulfilling their noble mission. Nevertheless, our friends overcome all the challenges and never give in.

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