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Director: Frank Van Mechelen, Joost Wynant

Producer: Produced by De Mensen for VTM (Belgium)

Writer: Kristof Hoefkens, Maarten Goffin

Cast: Tijmen Govaerts, Gene Bervoets, Koen De Graeve, Joren Seldeslachts, Manuel Broekman, Claude Musungayi, Ella-June Henrard, An Miller, Floor Van Boven, Dirk Van Dijck, Hilde De Baerdemaeker, Chris Thys, Florian Fitz, Katalyn Bohn, Attila Georg Borlan, Marc Oliver Schulz, Mo Ahmadi

Genres: Drama

8 x 50’

After two years in prison, professional con man Alidor Van Praet needs to rebuild the illegal fortune the police seized from him. When he spots 19-year-old Jeremy Peeter’s hacking skills at a computing convention, he knows this shy teenager is the key to making it happen.

Together with Alidor’s expert team, they mastermind a plan that is as ingenious as it is daring: to hijack the digital highway of money transfers that run between banks.

It’s a score that could make them hundreds of millions in cash – but for Jeremy, it’s more than that. This is his chance to get revenge on the financial system that drove his father to suicide.
Soon however, Jeremy begins to realise just how ruthless a criminal Alidor really is – but then Jeremy isn’t quite what he seems either. As the heist unfolds and events take an unexpected turn, who is really in control?