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Producer: Kinetic Content

Genres: Format, Reality

8 x 60’

Transforming disastrous daters as they search for love.

Thousands of singles have applied to 'Married at First Sight' over the years, but only a few have been chosen to marry a complete stranger. For some that apply, they have proved simply unmatchable. But now, things could be about to change.

In every episode, relationship experts Cal Roberson and Dr Viviana Coles are on a mission to help two unmatchables find love. But the task is far from easy. They’ll need to dig into every aspect of the singles’ lives to uncover what may be holding them back – and then work with them to try and turn things around. Do the singles have unrealistic expectations? Are they hung up on an ex? Or does it just come down to bad habits and a terrible dress sense?

Cal and Viviana do their best to transform the singles and when their task is complete, they send them on a date – with each other! Will this prove a whole new dating disaster, or will the unmatchables have finally met their match?