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Producer: Produced by Snowman Productions for Discovery (Denmark)

Genres: Format, Reality

Every human being is hard-wired with a range of ‘superpowers’, that if unlocked, provide us with superhuman abilities to overcome the impossible.

In this new extreme adventure format, a group of ordinary celebrities are trained to untap their hidden superpowers in only four weeks.

Three mentors challenge and train them in three areas of superhuman endeavour: a record-breaking cold-specialist plunges them into icy baths and sends them climbing half-naked in a snowstorm to train them in surviving in extreme cold; a world champion free-diver teaches them extraordinary breathing abilities and how to cope in limited oxygen environments; and a shaolin monk trains the celebrities in the powers of the mind, and reveals how thinking like a warrior can help with death-defying physical feats.

After three weeks, comes the ultimate test: to scale one of the world’s highest and most challenging mountains, wearing as little clothing as possible.

Have our celebrities truly unlocked their inner superpowers? And will their intense training and new abilities help them with the terrifying challenge of a lifetime?