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Director: Kai Meyer-Ricks, Tina Kriwitz, Zsolt Bács, Dagmar Seume, Petra Wiemers

Producer: Producers at Work for SAT.1

Cast: Vanessa Jung, Andreas Jancke, Oliver Petszokat, Caroline Maria Frier, Christopher Kohn

Genres: Telenovela

234 x 25'

Long-running daily drama set in a high school, about first love, intrigue and rivalry, and a young teacher who is prepared to fight for her ideals.
Bea Vogel is the new music and math teacher at Pestalozzi High School. She has just qualified, and accepting this position means Bea is not only returning to the town where she grew up but also to her old school.
On her first day she bumps straight into another teacher called Michael Heisig – who falls head over heels in love with her. But not all her colleagues welcome Bea with open arms.
The sports teacher is none other than Alexandra Lohmann, who was in the same class as Bea many years ago. After Alexandra’s sister vanished without a trace, Alexandra has always felt Bea was partly to blame. She is supported in her vendetta against Bea by deputy principal Julian Goetting. The principal, Gabriele Krawcyzk, has taken Bea under her wing, but Julian is prepared to go to any lengths to oust her and gain her position.
A great deal has changed at Bea’s old school. In her day the choir was the pride of Pestalozzi High, while today that role has been taken by the school beach volleyball team. So Bea is delighted when she discovers that one of the older girls, Luzi Beschenko, wants to start a Music Club along with Dennis 'Hotte' Horstfeld and Emma Müller. They just need the support of another teacher, and Bea throws herself into the task with enthusiasm. Much to the annoyance of Caro Eichkamp, star of the beach volleyball team, who feels threatened. She and her best friend Sophie do everything they can to sabotage the Music Club.
To complicate matters further Luzi has a crush on her best friend Timo – while he only has eyes for Sophie. After a stressful and exhausting first day at school Bea is only too glad to relax with her best friend Miriam, who is married to Bea’s brother Piet. They go to Chulo’s, a trendy nightspot, where Bea meets the good-looking Ben. They spend a passionate night together… but the following day she gets the shock of her life when she discovers Ben is also new at Pestalozzi: he is one of her students! A dangerous game ensues…
Heartbeat is all about music and dance, everyday life at high school, first love and experiments with sex, overpowering feelings, intrigue and rivalry – and a young teacher who is prepared to fight for her ideals.