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Producer: ProSieben Television for ProSieben (Germany)

Genres: Entertainment, Format


Red Arrow Studios International

“Galileo” is the long-running magazine show that looks at the science behind everything – from everyday objects and cutting-edge new technology, to the environment and the natural world.

Always ready to inform, enthral, explore and entertain, “Galileo” features a mix of studio based hosts and experiments, on-location adventures and expert help to present a wealth of fascinating subjects.

The “Galileo” format is highly adaptable and cost-effective, fitting any time slot and offering access to a growing library of over 200,000 clips and a comprehensive and sophisticated graphics toolkit.

“Galileo” also brings with it an ever-expanding universe including successful spin-off series, an extensive interactive online platform and licensing and merchandising opportunities.

Fresh, fun and accessible to everyone, “Galileo” proves that there really is an art to science.

Also available on tape: more than 500 hours

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