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Director: Terry Ingram

Producer: Lighthouse Pictures

Writer: Nina Weinman

Cast: Italia Ricci, Ryan Paevey

Genres: TV Movie

1 x 90’

A relationship self-help guru just can’t help herself in this hilarious romantic comedy.

How do you get over a broken heart? Just ask Miranda! She’s the founder of her own ‘Breakup Boot Camp’, a successful health and wellness business that helps the rejected and dejected move on.

Miranda can help the unlucky-in-love because she knows exactly what it feels like; she was once unceremoniously dumped herself. Now however she’s a fiercely independent woman whose happiness is never defined by her relationship status, and whose life is guided by one golden rule – never date anyone who’s on the rebound!

But then she meets the newly-single journalist Ben, and her own self-help philosophy is put to the test. Instantly attracted to her new client, Miranda knows that falling in love with Ben isn’t just unprofessional, it puts her at risk of breaking the golden rule! When Ben’s editor asks him to write an expose on Miranda’s business for the next issue, things only get more complicated. Can this self-help guru help herself to find love?