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Producer: Produced by Redseven Entertainment for SAT.1 (Germany)

Genres: Format, Reality

Dogs and their owners often look alike – and this goes for their figures too. If an owner enjoys food and can’t resist their pet’s pleading eyes every time they eat, chances are that both will be overweight, unhealthy – and maybe even unhappy.

‘Dieting with my Dog’ challenges five owners and their four-legged friends to put painful joints, high blood pressure and diabetes behind them, and have fun getting fit together.

After medical checks, the pairs embark on a series of educational, but fun tasks, challenges and games to improve their diet and exercise regimes. The owners learn how prepare healthy food and improve their swimming techniques, while their pets are encouraged to tackle obstacle courses and retrieve balls. Packed full of useful tips, the activities are overseen by a professional dog trainer and a fitness expert.

The host monitors each pair’s progress at weekly weigh-ins and, at the end of the series, the duo that has shed the most kilos wins a ‘Golden Bone’, a luxury wellness break and a cash prize.