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Producer: Half Yard Productions

Genres: Factual

4 x 60'

A fresh take on the tribal world of Boston organized crime, from the infamous fugitive ‘Whitey’ Bulger to brutal Irish gang wars, FBI corruption and brazen heists

James ‘Whitey’ Bulger has long been the face of organized crime in Boston. But this blue-eyed killer was far from the only game in town. Boston has long been a ruthless, tribal world, filled with wise guys who had their own empires, kingpins who ran neighborhoods that Whitey Bulger, and even the New York Crime families wouldn’t dare to venture into. In the days before gentrification, Boston was the armored car capital of the world, and a bloody battlefield in the infamous Irish Gang War. The city’s hallowed halls of fine art often fell victim to brazen theft of priceless paintings, while South Boston became the epicenter of transatlantic gun running to the IRA.

In this four-part documentary series, all the stories finally can be told, directly from the guys who paid their dues, and lived to tell the tale.