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Producer: Rabbit Films

Genres: Comedy, Format


Rabbit Films
8 x 30 min (format) 8 x 22 min (tape)

KIOSK is a sitcom that takes place inside, and only inside, a kiosk: in the shop and in the back room.
The main characters working in this small and relatively quiet kiosk are two cashiers in their thirties: a quick-witted and sarcastic slob of a man, and a woman who does everything strictly by the book.

The man does not only feel like he is too good for his job, but he also thinks that the whole time, he has one foot out the door of this temporary and annoying grunt work.

In reality, it is obvious that the man is stuck in the kiosk – and he could live with that, if only the customers had the good sense to stay away and not disturb his peace…

The woman’s ambitions, on the other hand, are expressly tied to the kiosk. To her, customer service is a question of honour, and she cannot fathom the man’s attitude towards both his work and life in general.

The feeling is mutual. And the smaller the space, the smaller the things that become irritating and turn into massive problems.

In this comedy series, the dramatic tension comes from purposefully minimalistic plot twists. The endless, civilised battle of wills between the two employees continues from episode to episode.

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